On-going Activities

Talks and Courses

The Council organised with the collaboration of the National Computer Board, IT Course in the NCB coaches in various regions for Members of the Senior Citizens Associations. 

The support of the Registrar of Associations was also obtained for conducting talks in Management of Associations at district / ward level to better educate members on how to keep an effective control of their account and better manage their Associations in accordance with the legal requirements.

Preventive Health

On-going Preventive Health sessions were organised by the Council at district / ward level for the benefit of senior citizens.  The topics covered inter alia general health care, Alzheimer, diabetes, tension and mental problems.  The sessions were conducted with the assistance of Dr. Mrs. Y. Soopal-Lutchmun, Medical Director of the Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity, Environment and Sustainable Development.

Legal Counselling Programme

Legal Counselling sessions were organised by the Council with the collaboration of District Representatives in various regions during the year.