Main Objectives

    The objects of the Council shall be:–

  • (a) to determine the areas in which the welfare of senior citizens needs to be improved;

  • (b) to promote generally activities and projects for the welfare of senior citizens;

  • (c) to maintain effective communication with senior citizens;

  • (d) to diffuse knowledge and information on gerontology;

  • (e) to establish contacts with organisations engaged in similar activities in Mauritius and abroad;

  • (f) to advise the Government on matters relating to the welfare of senior citizens;

  • (g) to set up and manage homes, day care centres, recreation centres and other institutions for senior citizens; and

  • (h) to implement such policies and programmes in favour of senior citizens, as may be specified or approved by the Minister.


Grant from the Ministry of Social Integretion, Social Security, & National Solidarity
Subscription fees from affiliated members.